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Barbara Cameron
A Full House of Growing Pains

  The life of Barbara Cameron reads like a Hollywood script. Encouraged by a friend to take her children to a talent agent, the mother of four finds that two of them are a bundle of talent. Suddenly Barbara and her husband are the parents of the stars of two of America’s most successful sitcoms: Kirk becomes Mike Seaver on "Growing Pains" (the heartthrob of America) and Candace becomes DJ Tanner on "Full House." You will be fascinated by the extraordinary life of this ordinary family. Learn how Barbara struggled to keep her children in the real world among the glitter of Hollywood, how she taught them to be grateful for the simple things in life, and how she dealt with powerful lawyers, pushy publicists, compromising scripts, complex contracts, and the fortune that typically accompanies fame. Follow this mother as she becomes a Hollywood talent agent, on the lookout for other talented kids.

A Full House of Growing Pains isn’t just a book about Hollywood. It’s about the daily struggles of a woman of faith, of family life, and of the power of celebrity stardom.

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  The book was great and very easy to read. Actually, I had a hard time putting it down. Two things really stood out to me. First is Barbara's honesty about her marriage and struggle with fulfillment. Marriage isn't easy and especially in Christian circles it is hard to find support during difficult times. Who really wants to come to church and say they can't stand their husband or they are thinking of leaving him. I think the book can be a great encouragement for Christian women who are married. As far as fulfillment in life I think everyone can relate. I like how the book showed her journey to Christ and the fulfillment that serving Him can bring. Also, how fulfillment in marriage is a lot of work :)

The second thing I thought about is what an amazing gift this book is to Barbara's children. So many people (myself included) have watched their parents struggle in marriage and even get divorced. I think most people don't get answers about their parents. My husband still wonders why his parents divorced when he was 13 and I wonder why my Dad after 35 years of marriage had an affair. Unfortunately, not everyone has an open enough relationship to ask why. Therefore, they go on wondering and trying not to let their parents mistakes affect their marriage and life. I think understand and having those answer would be an amazing gift for the Cameron children. They are very lucky.

I passed on the book and contact information to the woman at my church who plans all the women's events. Hopefully it will work out to have Barbara come and speak this next year. I would love to hear her! As a mom and wife I love having older women to look up to and gain from their experiences and wisdom. Thank you Barbara for writing this book.
God Bless.

A busy mom of 3 and wife of 9 years!
- Susan
  I started reading and found the book hard to put down. It was fast reading and very interesting. It gave me the impression Barbara was very open and sharing from her heart. It made me feel for each of you. What a busy family life for everyone.

I pray your sharing yourself so honestly will help many others.
God bless you and your family.

- Irene
  Even though I don't know you, I admire you, Robert , and your family for laying your very private struggles open before all the world to see. That required abundant courage on the part of all of you. I am guessing that most affairs, break ups, and divorces started out by mates that were extremely dissatisfied with how their partner was treating them by not meeting or understanding their heartfelt needs. In many cases it's the husband who doesn't understand the sensitivities of his wife and is totally blind to her needs. Your book verifies what I've been sharing with men for years - if you are not loving your wife the was SHE wants to be loved, you are not loving her at all. Thank you for hanging in there and working things out. You have written a message that will greatly benefit all who read it, and I recommend it for all couples wanting to improve their marriage.

May God richly bless you, Robert, and your wonderful family for helping more couples strengthen their marriage than you'll ever know. The Lord has indeed used your talks in a mighty way.

Married 50 + years and loving it.
- Mic
  I want to tell you thank you for your faithfulness in wiriting such an amazing book. It was so refreshingly honest. I felt like I was reading about my own family (minus the whole Hollywood thing of course:). The marriage between you and your husband reminded me so much of my parents marriage. Unfortuntely four years ago, after 24 years of marriage, my parents marriage ended in divorce when my Dad told my Mom he no longer wanted to be married to her. I was so happy though to be able to pass your book on to my mom after I finished with it. I really think God will use your book to bring lots of healing in her from her marriage to my Dad.

I also loved reading in your book about the work you have done with various charities. I have such a desire in my heart to use my life to bless others and bring them into a relationship with Christ, especially children. It was so encouraging to me to read about a family that was really walking that out.

- Stacy
  I thoroughly enjoyed your honest and insightful book! What a wonderful family you have raised and what a wonderful testimony and inspiration you and your family are. Keep up the great work and God Bless!

- Crystal
  This was an awesome read !!!  Barbara is a woman of great courage to put her heart and soul out for the world to see. This book touched me more then I can say.  I feel to truely blessed to have found this book, I was shocked and awed by what I read as a child of the 80's (and big fan of both Cameron children) I though The Cameron's  were all picture perfect and ideal. Barbara thank you so much being honest and being open and letting us in. Thank you for sharing your family, both in the book and in through hollywood. Thank you for putting your soul out and allowing us to go along on your journey.

- Rachel, MI
  This book is a very candid and honest description of the ups and downs of a mother living the hollywood dream. Ms. Cameron is very detailed in describing her life and how the effects of her childrens' successes altered their lives. Bravo and a Job Well done! Everyone should read this book.

- Claire A. Centrella, Kennelon, NJ
  Thank you for sharing your life in a public forum. The book is a outstanding read of a "believer christian' with all the correct 'ways' to a true "born again, Jesus following, child of God". May God continue to bless you and the entire family.

- Rick Hendrix, Springtown, TX
  This was a wonderful book! It captured your inner thoughts and gave us an intimate look at life for the "inner" Barbara Cameron.

I can't imagine opening up my inner thoughts (good ones AND bad ones) to the "outer" world! What a sacrifice of love you have made to do this to help others. You have truly laid open your soul in order to help save other souls.

God bless you and may the Lord's purpose be fulfilled (whatever that may be) with the writing of this book. (REALLY...........I can only imagine that your courage is from else could you filet your soul, in this book for all the world to know. God has a perfect purpose for it and a huge blessing for all who read it and learn.

  I finally received word that Barbara's book arrived at the bookstore last Friday.  I had it read in two days.  What a great, sweet read.  I was walking in her shoes much of the way.  The good news is that, she gave me new insight in how to live with the same issues she had and I'm feeling a freedom already in the journey.  Give her a big ole' bear hug for me when you can and thank her for sharing her story.  I know there will be many, many women who will be blessed by reading it.  Her husband is a really neat guy also!  What a great ministry they have, don't you think?

- Jude
  This is a book to read every spare moment that you have, not wanting to put it down.  It's so well written, open and honest.  A wonderful book that will make great gifts.  I'm going to order more.

- Deanna Waters, Winnipeg, Canada
  Yesterday I read your book.  What an amazing journey!  There were several places that touched home - I'm sure it will do the same for others. Hope you have great success with it.

- Irene
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